MUUAN design agency is located in Kamppi, on Lönnrotinkatu near Hietalahdentori. The easiest way to visit us is to walk from Kamppi metro station or to take tram number 6/6T (Hietalahdentori) or 7/9 (Ruoholahden villat).


If you arrive by car, we suggest parking in Hietalahdentori parking space, right next to our offices.

Join the team?

We’re interested in expanding our team with talented and visionary designers. We find it most important that you’re passionate about designing built environments – it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional in architecture or some other field.


Send us your application, cv and portfolio to muuan(at)muuan.fi


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Housing & Way of Living Concepts


I am passionately interested in different ways of living, new dimensions of housing and means of answering global challenges as humanely and ecologically as possible. During my career, I have focused on designing housing on different scales and developing different housing and construction concepts.


In 2014, I received the Young Spirit of Nature wood architecture award and currently I’m working on my research on the effect of future urban ways of life on housing.


Phone:+358 40 725 1026

Architectural Design


My expertise is urban planning, maritime areas in particular. I’m interested in urban spaces and the urban phenomena that take place in them as well as different cultural and historical contexts.


I want to participate in creating esthetic and multisensory environments where people can move effortlessly and feel like they belong. I think spaces should be designed so that there is room for creativity. They shouldn’t be too finished. Ecological and sustainable design is also close to my heart.


My passion for backpacking and cultural travel serves strongly as the basis and inspiration for my travel and tourism related design work.


Phone:+358 50 464 3328

Urban Planning & Brand Refinement


I’m in charge of area development and land use planning projects at MUUAN. I am especially interested in design processes where areas and locations are built into brands. Building area concepts, creating functional content and determining the target group, etc. belong to my repertoire. My job is to make areas interesting.


Alongside my design work, I work as a teacher on land use and futures design courses at Aalto University.


Phone:+358 40 774 2014

Architectural Design


A childhood love of art and creativity drew Mia to architecture. Since growing up in Barcelona, Mia has lived in London and Paris and her time studying architecture in Finland led to a love of Nordic design and world travel. As an aspiring architect, she strives to utilize emotional intelligence and participatory design strategies with hopes of understanding architecture as a means to drive society forward.


“At the heart of what I do is a desire to create work that is both explorative and beautifully crafted. Above all else I retain a deeply rooted conviction to not only deliver design that is effective but that exceeds expectations. ”


Phone:+358 50 464 3328

Managing Partner / Concepts, Commerce, Tourism


I’m in charge of new projects and customer relations at MUUAN. I enjoy meeting different people and developing new cooperation ideas. I’m the one you should contact if you’re looking for a partner for your project. In the design process, I usually participate in the development of new concepts and service design for built environment. My passion is in enhancing the appeal and attraction of built environment.


During my career, I have participated in designing large public buildings and developing commercial functions (e.g. Iso Omena extension/Matinkylä Metro Center, The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia and Easton in Itäkeskus, Helsinki)


Phone:+358 45 675 8700

Product Development & Research


I specialize in research, product development and design projects.


I have expertise in designing things through the processes of functionality, spatiality and shape. I make use of programming, parameter design and algorithms in my design work alongside pen and paper. I am particularly interested in wood construction, building and product design.


In 2014 I received the Wuorio award for young architects.


Phone:+358 40 594 3944