“Two diverging future scenarios create flexible guidelines for the land use development of Savukoski.”


Case Isommus & Ahku – Land Use Visions for Savukoski 2035

Isommus and Ahku is an extensive vision plan for year 2035 created for the municipality of Savukoski, and it consists of two diverging future scenarios and related land use development plans. Scenario Isommus is based on the assumption that a large phosphate mine is opened in the area. The plan includes ways of dealing with the quick change and the temporary nature of the mining business with means of land use planning. Scenario Ahku assumes that there will be no mine.


The plan maps the possibilities of maintaining the prerequisites for living and entrepreneurship in the dying city. When the amount of residents decreases, the amount of visitors has to increase. One of the main themes of the plan is bolstering the effects of investments made in tourism.


Land use vision plan




6 500km²


Savukoski, Finland


Municipality of Savukoski

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