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ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN URBAN DESIGN CONCEPT & VISION PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIC PROCEDURES RESEARCH BRAND BUILDING & REFINEMENT SERVICE DESIGN FOR BUILT ENVIRONMENT In construction projects, our services include all the architectural and principal planning tasks from drafts to execution plans and other plans during the construction. We always use 3D modeling in our planning and will provide an information model if needed. In addition, our architectural planning services also include outline plans and other project planning work. Our urban planning expertise covers urban planning projects of different sizes and natures – from district-specific reference plans to large-scale area vision plans and city plans.

Our objective is to make areas interesting. Urban planning tasks combined with brand building methods help us achieve this objective.
We have expertise in concept development, for instance, in housing and tourism-related projects. By combining different functions, housing and services, design solutions can be targeted to suit the chosen target group’s needs better. The purpose of concept development work is to create recognizable and distinctive concepts that can also be repeated to gain greater visibility and benefit.

Concept work covers the development of the concept from target group mapping to built environment solutions that support the target groups and strategic instructions that are essential for the visibility of the concept.
We participate in developing different products that deal with construction, housing and tourism as well as other related functions. Product development can mean the designing of a small piece of furniture, from early drafts to a mass-produced product, or the productization of housing services to support the target group.

Product development is an iterative process in which the product is developed through pilots and prototypes to form a sustainable, cost-effective and functional whole.
We work with content production-related service design for instance in our area development projects and concept development. Especially in terms of services related to housing and tourism, it is vital to take user experience into account. Defining and designing services is an integral part of built environment planning. The ultimate purpose of our brand refinement work is to develop areas, buildings, spaces and products into multidimensional, multisensory and recognizable entities that create the basis for natural use of space and positive user experience. Brand refinement is an integral part of various project development tasks, and the aim is to create a brand with originality and individual competitive edge.

In our brand building work, we make use of methods of urban planning and service design as well as the principles of participatory design.
As a part of area planning and concept development work, we also prepare instructions on the strategic procedures that secure the implementation of the plans and, for instance, the maintenance of the service structure of housing concepts. Different kinds of research and inquiry tasks are an everyday part of design work. In addition, we do a lot of product development and design work related to construction and spatial design. In our research projects, we make use of the expertise of our extensive cooperation network, for example urban sociologists and cultural anthropologists, in order to map the user potential of different products and spaces and to determine the development directions for the project.

The tailoring of the design processes and programming-based design tools for each project individually is an integral and continuous part of the work we do in our office.
The core of our design services is the planning of built environment and its different components. Our services focus on answering needs related to construction, land use and product and project development from product design to commercial concepts and vision plans for large area development projects.

Our intention is to strengthen our customers’ business tools, develop products, buildings and areas into attractive brands and to create experiential working and living environments.