MUUAN | Athletic Wellness Quarters
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“How do housing and service solutions targeted at different user groups radiate positive effects in their surroundings?”


Case Tikkurila’s Athletic Wellness Quarters

Athletic Wellness Quarters is a suggestion for a housing and services complex built in the center of Tikkurila that highlights the versatility characteristic of the area with its recognizable shapes and functional profile. There are several forms of ownership and a diverse distribution of apartments in the quarters, and some of the non-subsidized owner-occupied housing can be allocated to solutions of supported living, which creates the basis for multigenerational quarters for all ages. What binds the socially diverse quarter together is its functional profile that is set to support the residents’ lifestyles: wellness spiked with sports. Shared activities bring the residents together and lay the foundation for an active communality in the area. The range of services is curated and an integral part of the quarters’ functional profile. In addition to the residents of the quarters, the wellness and sports-centered services are also at the disposal of other Tikkurila residents. A digital platform complements the physical functionality of the buildings. Wellness and its components – sport, nutrition and rest – can be seen in different ways in the different parts of the quarters and its surroundings – in yards, public recreational areas, common spaces, hallway solutions in the apartments, etc. The quarters are a symbiosis of targeted services and housing as well as an enabler of a communal, athletic and wellness-driven lifestyle.


Plot assignment competition




31 000 floor sqm


Tikkurila, Vantaa, Finland


Fincap, City of Vantaa & Senate Properties (competition organizers)


Fincap, Ramboll (traffic planning), Nomaji (landscape architecture), Pavel Vavilov (visualization)


Olli Metso, Tiina Antinoja, Aleksi Rastas, Anna Koskinen, Mari Ariluoma, Rosaliina Luminiitty, Ian Sacs, Atte Riihelä, Pavel Vavilov

brand, building design, housing, mixed-use, service design, sports