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“How a unique river delta environment and urban living are combined with a sustainable city of the future?”


Case Hartaanselänranta, Oulu

Hoijakka, the winning proposal for Hartaanselänranta design competition, complements the existing urban structure of Oulu and is the final addition to the recreational loop around the river delta of Oulujoki. The river delta gives a unique identity to the region and acts as a starting point for the whole design.


Water level variation, seasons and the ever-changing river delta create an experiential environment that is exciting, accessible and stimulating for all the senses.  In the proposal, the potential of the rich nature is utilised both to enhance the natural and spatial experience of the inhabitants and to provide visitors an interesting experience. The new construction, services and functional green environment diversify the area’s recreational opportunities significantly. The whole shoreline in the design area has been designated as a public space for recreational use of the inhabitants and visitors.


The outer perimeter with higher construction defines the boundaries of the area and entwines the residential area. A new recreational connection from Nallikari to Tuira divides Hartaanselänranta into four sub-areas. These sub-areas are alike, but each has its own special characteristics based on different lifestyles that are supported by specific services and recreational structure.


The vision aims to build a sustainable and carbon-neutral northern city of the future that produces more than consumes. The intention is to create waste-free and material-efficient building and housing solutions that are used from the construction to the everyday life of the new residential area. While construction makes the most of existing facilities and recyclable resources, circular and sharing economies are promoted through digital services and through enabling easy recycling.


Experimentation is the engine for new housing and construction solutions, through piloting construction projects that are permissive and creative. Hartaanselänranta is an entity that is wise, lively, varying, surprising and natural. It forms a common neighborhood for its residents, and enables Oulu to be a pioneer in climate-wise and flood-proof urban design and construction.


Invited competition, 1st prize




104 000 brm²


Oulu, Finland


City of Oulu


Nomaji maisema-arkkitehdit Oy (landscape architecture), Ethica Oy (circular economy), Infrakonsultointi Henry Lindgren (flood management), Arkkitehtitoimisto HKP Oy (reuse and building modifications), WSP Finland Oy (traffic), Janousek & Havlicek (renders)


Olli Metso, Tiina Antinoja, Aleksi Rastas, Tuulikki Tanska, Anna Koskinen, Oskari Lumikari, Anni Järvitalo, Annika Pousi, Riikka Nousiainen, Mari Ariluoma, Varpu Mikola, Elina Inkiläinen, Laura Tuorila, Jakke Mäki-Hollanti, Jouni Ikäheimo, Mikko Yli-Kauhaluoma, Pekka Leskelä, Henry Lindgrén, Anne Raudaskoski

asuminen, brand, brändi, kaupunki, mixed-use, mixed-use, puurakentaminen, service design, urban, wood construction