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“What is it like to live in a urban villa by the sea in Helsinki?”


Case Housing “On the Rocks”

“On the Rocks” is our proposal for an invited design competition for housing management company  Helsingin Aida Ltd. It is made in collaboration with the landscape architecture office Nomaji. “On the Rocks” is a housing complex situated in Kruunuvuorenranta, a new neighborhood by the seaside of Helsinki. Surrounding archipelago nature and its recreational values, as well as the rocky landscape, are an essential part of the whole concept. The proposal offers housing especially targeted for those who value space, privacy, and flexibility, but who appreciate the easiness of living in an apartment building. The target group’s lifestyle and needs are taken into account in the design solutions. The floor plans are reminiscent of a detached house with plenty of storage space and long views to the surrounding nature from multiple directions.

The competition task consisted of combining the challenging topography, extraordinary nature values, masterplan goals and client’s needs in the best possible way. One main target was also to diversify the housing market in the area by developing an urban villa concept. Urban villa was set to join the good features of living in a detached house to the easiness of urban multistorey housing.

All the three urban villas consist of three smaller living units. Building masses are divided into three wings that make the masses look and feel smaller in scale. Wings have slightly different brick tones and small gaps in between to highlight the small scale. Parking is divided into three small garages to complete the urban villas. Design solution forms entrance yards to the street side and leaves the western side of the plot more natural.

The entry was commended for the relationship with the surrounding nature and creating a pleasant street environment for the pedestrians.


Invited competition




4 000 m²


Laajasalo, Helsinki, Finland


As. Oy Helsingin Aida


Nomaji maisema-arkkitehdit, Janousek Havlicek


Tiina Antinoja, Olli Metso, Aleksi Rastas, Tuulikki Tanska, Anna Koskinen, Mari Ariluoma, Ina Westerlund

asuminen, rakennussuunnittelu