MUUAN | Kangasala Market
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“A vision drawing from local food and art started a urban planning domino effect in the city.”


CASE Kangasala Market

In the general plan for Kangasala market, we have visioned new functions to bring life to the city center and updated the market area’s commercial functions to better answer to the needs of current and future players. The plan includes recreational spaces for children, youth and adults as well as a multipurpose pavilion and a market hall with diverse services. In addition, the plan includes communal service models for the market area and a yearly event calendar to support the functional profile. The role of public art in the urban environment has also been increased.


In the project, we used participatory design methods that combine our office’s expertise in service design, urban planning and design, area branding and building design.


The positive reception of the project started a domino effect in Kangasala as many pending urban development projects in the city center got off to a good start as a result. The development plan for the market area was created as a result of an urban planning workshop organized together with Nordic Works.


Development vision / general plan




Market area: 5 400 sqm


Kangasala, Finland


City of Kangasala


Nordic Works, Herkku-Nuotta (market hall area), Rakennuttajapalvelu Arto Palo Oy (cost accounting), Kehitysyhtiö Kuru Oy (event development)


Olli Metso, Tiina Antinoja, Aleksi Rastas, Tuulikki Tanska, Pekka Kuru, Johan Hellsten, Veera Tolvanen, Arto Palo

brand, mixed-use, participatory process, service design, urban