MUUAN | Linnanmaa Sportshall & Swimming Pool
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“Wood construction development through a sports-centered pilot case.”


CASE Linnanmaa Sportshall & Swimming Pool

In this project we designed a versatile sportshall in Linnanmaa, Oulu, with a swimming pool as well as many possibilities for different exercise functions both indoors and outdoors. The concept brings a new kind of thinking into sportshall functions by including space for offices and small businesses in the second floor of the building. The spaces can be rented to sports-related organizations such as sports clubs or to small businesses such as physiotherapy and sports massage services.


Some of the most important tasks of the project were creating the algorithmic processes aimed at the geometric optimization of the structure as well as the parametric determining of the joint details in the wood structure in a way that every joint is geometrically unique but is executed with the same technical principles. The computer controlled production process and the suitability of the joint structure was verified with a 1:3 scale prototype model. The larger background context for the project was examining digital design methods and computer controlled working techniques on the scale of a public building.


Research, development and vision work




14 500 floor sqm


Oulu, Finland




Tuulikki Tanska

building design, public, research, sports, wood construction