MUUAN | Nikkilä Station
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“How should the station area be developed so that it would bring about new residents, visitors and services in the station area as well as a commuter train service that would benefit everyone?”


CASE Nikkilä Station

Starting a passenger train service from Kerava to Nikkilä has been discussed for a long time. The service would have a great effect on Nikkilä’s accessibility and the center’s village structure. Currently, the railway splits Nikkilä in two. The connections to go over or under the tracks must be made more convenient and safe. Also the new railway station is looking for its place.


In the vision plan, the new Nikkilä railway station is located between Iso Kylätie and Pornaistentie, on the south side of the tracks. The location is easily accessible by foot and bike from the village center and by car and bus along Pornaistentie. The station area compliments the village center and serves as an important link between the center and northern neighborhoods. The area of the old station with its old buildings found new use as a venue for culture and events. The new station serves as a cluster of services and answers to the needs of commuters, tourists and residents of the neighboring areas. The services at the station are designed to make passengers’ everyday lives easier; they can order groceries on the train using an app, pick them up from the store at the station and then catch a bus home. On the station square, there’s a coffee house, a restaurant and stores and boutiques, which invite also for a longer visit. New housing quarters in the station area complement the existing center and bring new residents close to the services. The quarters built along Pornaistentie connect the village center to the Mansion area. The quarters are built as closed blocks so that the buildings surround a cozy courtyard. The architecture gets its inspiration from small-scale countryside villages and genuine materials.


The vision plan was created in collaboration with Nordic Works, the Municipality of Sipoo and Ramboll based on the material collected from the inhabitants of Sipoo in an interactive process.


Development vision




78 600 floor sqm incl. housing, travel center, business and office spaces, a multipurpose building


Sipoo, Finland


Municipality of Sipoo


Nordic Works, VIZN (visualization)


Olli Metso, Tiina Antinoja, Aleksi Rastas, Tuulikki Tanska, Anna Koskinen

housing, mixed-use, public, urban