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“The apartment complex built in the 1930s will face many renovations in the future. Apartment owners want to develop the building so that the identity of the functionalist architecture and the residents’ lifestyles would inspire future changes.”


CASE Pääskylänrinne 6

What is the future of perhaps the most notorious apartment complex in Sörnäinen? The building built in the 1930s is in a shabby condition and will face many large renovations in the future. The owners and residents want to develop the building so that the identity of functionalist architecture and the residents’ lifestyles would inspire future changes. The city of Helsinki also wants do facilitate extensive developments in the neighborhood, for example by making Hämeentie a public transportation route and by adding metro entrances, not to mention the new residential areas in Kalasatama and Sompasaari. The area’s growth creates good conditions for the development of the commercial functions of Pääskylänrinne 6.


The project is a long-term development plan for Pääskylänrinne 6. The development plan is a vision that demonstrates the building’s potential in the growing urban environment. For the plan, different development measures were identified based on observations made during the inspection and a condition inspection commissioned by the apartment owners. During the planning process we also organized a participatory ideation workshop for the residents. The development plan complements the traditional long-term technical plan and draws broad guidelines that can be referred to when making basic improvements and renovations.


The development plan provides suggestions for the organization of the common and commercial spaces, for extensions and for the renovation and appreciation of the building’s hidden gem, the atrium.


Development vision




~5 000 floor sqm


Helsinki, Finland


As. Oy. Pääskylänrinne 6


KiinteistöTahkola, VIZN (visualization)


Olli Metso, Tiina Antinoja, Aleksi Rastas, Tuulikki Tanska

brand, housing, mixed-use, participatory process, renovation, service design