MUUAN | Paimio Circular Economy Campus
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“Solutions that change the world are created through cooperation.”

Case Paimio Circular Economy Campus

The Paimio Circular Economy Campus brings together companies, investors, and startups working along with the material flow of biofuel, textile, plastics, and auto industries. The service model finds those who want to finance future stars, and distinctive companies, that offer development and companionship possibilities to companies working in the area.


The main idea of the Circular Economy Campus is that the world will change by bringing together large and small companies and creating an atmosphere of transparency. The Campus is not a passive, empty eco-industrial park – it’s a symbol of active work in Paimio. It creates a lasting impression, invites to create experiences, and builds a memory that brings visitors back for more.


In the design process, we created a vision of the business framework as well as a service model, a site brand, site plans, and commercial materials for the developers as well as the city of Paimio.






37 600 brm2


Aura Pajamo, Aleksi Rastas, Ville Mujunen, Anna Wawrzyniak


Ethica Oy, WasaGroup Oy


City of Paimio

brand, service design, strategic development, urban