MUUAN | RukaValley Smart Wood City
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“The smart RukaValley Wood City enables all-year-round tourism and is expected to bring 100 million euro investments to the area.”


CASE Rukavalley Smart Wood City

The RukaValley Wood City is a destination brand and a built environment concept plan for Ruka East, which is based on a vision of a smart, wood-constructed city. In this context, a concept plan refers to a multidisciplinary and multidimensional overall area plan with themes and ideas that can be utilized in the development of the area’s built and functional environments in order to create a modern, versatile and intriguing travel destination. The main goal of the project is to enable an all-year-round market for entrepreneurs by shifting the focus of the area’s tourism from winter to other seasons as well. The future brand and concept of RukaValley has been built around wood construction, a smart city, circular economy and a tourism experience that maximizes the connection to nature. These elements are then refined into concrete land use and built environment idea plans.


In the project, we have visioned multiple investment possibilities, such as spas, accommodation options for different target groups, hotels, services, restaurants, collaboration labs, etc. The aim of the project is to create attraction that can bring investments of ~100 million euros to the area.


Overall vision




Accommodation, business and service spaces: 60 55 floor sqm


Ruka, Kuusamo, Finland


Naturpolis Oy


Solved the Cleantech Company (cleantech), Ethica (circular economy), Fidico (sustainable tourism), Kuusamo town, Metsähallitus, Rukakeskus Ltd, Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association, KAMK University of Applied Sciences, Council of Oulu Region, Frontop (visualization), VIZN (visualization)


Olli Metso, Tiina Antinoja, Aleksi Rastas, Tuulikki Tanska, Anna Koskinen, Santtu Hulkkonen, Heikki Ojaniemi, Lea Kivelä-Pelkonen, Anne Raudaskoski, Lilli Linkola, Hugo Lebrunet

brand, kaupunki, mixed-use, participatory process, puurakentaminen, tourism, urban, wood construction