MUUAN | Tahko City Center
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“How to find a common ground and guidelines for the development of the future tourism center together with different players in the area?””


CASE Tahko City Center General Plan

Tahko has the same challenge as many other tourism centers relying on winter sports – developing summer tourism and as a result, increasing the utilization rate of accommodation and other services. Another challenge and goal shared by many Finnish ski resorts is to attract international visitors. All-year-round attraction as well as versatile functions and visitor target groups are prerequisites for any large-scale development of a profitable business.


The purpose of the project has been to analyze the innate attractions of the area, to collect information and ideas from the players in the area and other parties of the project and based on these, form strategic guidelines of the area’s development direction. During the project, we came up with wide-ranging ideas for Tahko and its surroundings but the main development target was Tahko city center.


The interactive work phase of Tahko city center general plan






Tahko, Kuopio, Finland


City of Kuopio


Olli Metso, Tiina Antinoja, Aleksi Rastas, Anna Koskinen

brand, inquiry, mixed-use, participatory process, tourism, urban