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“How does a zero energy house look like and how is it like to live in one?”



Zero energy house Villa Isover is a project that focused on the design and construction principles of a energy self-sufficient housing unit. Villa Isover is a home designed for a family of four that is spatially interesting, considerate of the environment, comfortable and flexible when needed. A zero energy house obviously has to be very energy-efficient in terms of architectural and structural solutions. In Villa Isover, the energy consumption is minimized with passive means, e.g. the orientation of the building, protection from excessive heat load, airtight structures and effective thermal insulation. Villa Isover produces the same amount of renewable energy to be used outside the house as it uses from the outside. The house’s heating system consists of geothermal heating and a heat-storing fireplace. 6 m2 of solar collectors for the heating of household water and indoor space and 80 m2 of solar panels for electricity production have been installed on the roof.


Architectural and ecological values go hand in hand in Villa Isover. The goal was to design a house that is compact without compromising on spatial openness and airiness. Living spaces are situated in boxes and the boxes overlap one another. The spaces between the boxes are meant for moving around and spending time in the house. In these areas, there’s a view from between the boxes to each direction, and the placing of the openings is well-thought. The building proves that a zero energy house doesn’t have to look like a technical gadget but it can be simple and beautiful.


The project was the winner of an open architectural design competition and it was built for the Housing Fair Finland in Hyvinkää in 2013.


Building design


Architectural design competition 2012, completion 2013




Hyvinkää, Finland


Private / Saint-Gobain Oy


Saint-Gobain Oy, VTT, Soleras, Rakteekki Oy, Suunnitteluhuone Riihimäki


Olli Metso, Tiina Antinoja, Ilari Seitsonen, Niina Riihimäki

building design, housing, research