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“Zeniitti (‘Zenith’) is a new tourist center located in the former quarry area of Linnankangas, surrounded by housing and business areas. Zeniitti is the biggest tourism development project of the future in Kempele, near the city of Oulu in Northern Finland.”


Case Zeniitti Kempele

Zeniitti (‘Zenith’) Kempele is a new tourist center located in a former quarry. It is located in Linnankangas area of Kempele and is surrounded by a large amount of both residential and business development. The center of Kempele is only a few kilometers from Zeniitti, and about 15 minutes to Oulu.


The quarry and the clear groundwater that fills it provides an exceptional and completely unique starting point for the development of the tourism area. Existing tourism and service sector in Kempele support the development of Zeniitti and, on the other hand, Zeniitti brings its own interesting addition to tourism in the entire Oulu region.


Zeniitti consists of different functions under an umbrella theme of activity. In addition to being a tourist destination, Zeniitti also plays an important role for the local and surrounding residents as a recreational area, for which the windless beach environment provides excellent conditions. The area is home to a variety of sports and extreme sports venues as well as facilities for club activities around these sports. Clubs can also provide services for visitors in the area. A summer theater, an event arena, and an adventure center are also planned for the area. Digital Zeniitti complements the physical environment, adding value to both the traveler and the hobbyist. Zeniitti activities can, for example, be competitive and gamified, highlighting the active profile of the center. In addition to the active Zeniitti, there is also a calmer side in the area. As you move from the core to the outer ring, the intensity of activity decreases and the experiential accommodation units located in the woods and marshes provide relaxing places for spiritual and physical recovery.


Entrepreneurs interested in developing the area have been involved in the Zeniitti design process. Construction work on the quarry for the development of the area has started in 2019 and the quarry is expected to fill with water in the next few years. The area’s zoning work begins in 2019 and the first buildings in the area are expected to be completed in 2024.






1,5 square kilometers, 250 000 floor sqm


Kempele, Finland


Kempele municipality


WSP Finland Oy, Nomaji landscape architects


Aleksi Rastas, Olli Metso, Anna Koskinen, Oskari Lumikari, Jouni Ikäheimo, Katariina Wallin, Riikka Nousiainen, Annika Pousi

asuminen, brand, commercial, housing, kaupunki, learning, mixed-use, participatory process, public, puurakentaminen, service design, strategic development, theater, tourism, urban, wood construction